The Journey Begins:

Our home in Bull Creek is under offer & we begin the packing. We are able to transport all the outside “stuff” – tools, equipment, pot plants etc. before settlement. It took quite a few loads, thank goodness we had a trailer & hadn’t sold the van.

The penultimate load
The penultimate load

The resident geese came with the property & were keen to see what was going on.

Henry & his hareem
Henry & his harem

Settlement is confirmed on Wednesday 25 March, as the removalists pack the van. It is an amazing job they have to do to get everything on board as we have so much STUFF. There is hardly any space left in the truck, with some items having to go in our vehicles. Farewells are said to neighbours & we are away, stopping for take-away tea & fuel before the journey south. We soon find the traffic thinning & I settle in to enjoy the experience, the first long trip I have driven for quite a while. Ken is in the Landcruiser & towing the trailer loaded with a motley collection of items, the workbench balanced on top; Shadow & I in the van, also with a collection of possessions.
We arrive at 10 pm with the full moon shining above us, an auspicious sign. This is the start of the next stage in our lives.

We sleep in the camper & next morning the furniture van arrives. The efficient team soon have it unloaded – most furniture in the house & most of the boxes in the shed. The big unpack is before us!